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better realize their value

Honest, kind, outgoing, cheerful, hard thinking, there is a strong logical thinking and good eloquenceI am adaptable, responsible, hard-working hard, good team spirit. Engaged in years of manufacturing, research and translation work, accumulated a wealth of design and development, quality engineering, manufacturing engineering and excellent English skills. Able to skillfully operate a variety of mapping software, office software and equipment, modern office needs to be competentConfident about the future, serious and responsible, active, good at team building, thinking, rigorous, extensive experience in social work.
Honest, modest and prudent, optimistic, good physical and mental qualities, able to adapt quickly to different environments, easy to get along with others.I am cheerful honest and work hard, study in the UK six years of my life creating difficulties still remain optimistic and positive attitude, it is this positive attitude to life that I live in the future study and work constantly to improve. With a high sense of responsibility and team spirit, inquisitive and can quickly master new skills Perfect Wedding Table Center
Human optimism, enthusiasm, generosity, harmony with people.I have fifteen years of equipment maintenance, equipment, management experience and process management. There are working abroad (Singapore), Choosing Flowers for Your Wedding foreign training (Mexico) experience in the semiconductor device manufacturing, automated assembly equipment, commissioning, automotive assembly and automotive electronics production machinery has extensive experience in the field. And has introduced a wealth of new production lines, new product introduction experience and the experience of the new company plant.
Who will be world famous U.S. TRW's auto parts business for many years, for automobile parts production equipment and production processes are very familiar with!I am a confident and cheerful person, from 2003 to the present high school in Australia Master's degree study in the eight years of life, exercise their will, broaden their horizons, and a solid grasp of engineering expertise. Overseas experience, so I am more mature, Plan a Wedding Ceremony
and learn from the work of a small scale, not ambitious, not unrealistic expectations, hopes to complete the practical steady work, better realize their value.French Engineer School: Technical University of Troyes experience of studying for three years, double degree: Diploma in Integrated Mechanical Design Engineer,Decorating Your Reception Table materials, mechanical systems and professional master's degree.Fluent in French and EnglishStudy were completed during the two six-month full-time internship. Internship where the institutions are in Paris for the French company and the police NORELEM central laboratory (LCPP)

process improvement and analysis of adverse analytical particularly proficient

- 10 years of extensive shipping and logistics / supply chain management experience, most recently as jobs: Account Manager Maersk Logistics, Maersk shipping route manager, sales manager;- Worked in Shenzhen / Tianjin / UK / Hong Kong / Shanghai, on the South / North China / Hong Kong / European and American markets and cultures around the depth of understanding;--2004-2006 Assignment to the UK logistics company Maersk, and presence of the customer as a project analyst, "B & Q 'headquarters, upon request to customers during the company's full-time supply chain analyst, and has been highly praised by customers;--2001-2003 Maersk was selected to enter the management trainee program, the Danish headquarters for all the industry's most advanced training equipment;
- Independent character, cheerful, active, willing to take responsibility for coordinating ability;
- Excellent English communication skills, speak fluent Cantonese and basic Japanese;
- Four years experience in training teachers to local skills training for the Maersk employeesI am in the Bosch Automotive Electronic Components C Modern Ocean Motif ompany in laboratory experiments testingThree Inspiring Wedding Ideas new products for nearly three years, work for the other sectors such as manufacturing and R & D communication and coordination to ensure smooth release of new projectsI appreciate the team's efficiency and its important, so I attach great importance to time management and work structured, which makes my work more handy and more efficient.Eleven year after year working experience, SMT Engineering background with 10 years, 6 years experience in new product introduction, master SMT technology and new process developmentProficient in a variety of electronic products OEM / ODM system, especially for mobile phones and other communication products, computer motherboards, servers, local servers around the board, and power and other electronic products segment of the SMT process, process improvement and analysis of adverse analytical particularly proficient. Proficient in a variety of related industry standards. Understand AUTOCAD, CAM350 software. Familiar with ISO9001 2000 system, QSA, QPA has a deep study, DELL has been involved in and promote the QSA, QPA audit, and passed the audit. Familiar with ECN, ECO releaseWedding Cakes Decoration Ideas, familiar with SPC, FMEIA, DFM,Five Great Wedding Themes 6σ and other systems.
Familiar with SMT production management, proficient in SMT process, familiar with lead-free process.
Proficient in computer operation, read and write fluent English, English can be heard daily.

drive in linux under design, the design can be applied eCos low-level driver

With digital, analog circuit analysis and design capacity of the system, the analysis of the integrated circuit has a strong ability to understand, have a good hardware design and software design are strong drivers of the actual hands-on ability, thinking open mind and flexible; of 51 , 430 (TI), ARM7 MCU such independent development capabilities, its proficiency in the application for product design; proficient Protel99SE and DXP schematic drawing and the PCB design, proficient in OrCAD, PowerPCB design PCB; familiar with GPS works, familiar with AT instruction, to design GPRS products; master C language, skilled application KeilC, MedWin, C430, ARM development software ADS; .A wealth of practical experience in large-scale chemical project line has a number of sets of state-owned organizations in large-scale chemical project of the project, approval, design, construction, construction management, the original drive, production operations, security management, project expansion, etc., and served as production operations and the main person in charge of technical management;Choose A Wedding Cake
(2) specializes in chemical plant production control, site management, technical security management; good turn-scale chemical production pilot project process design , production preparation, the original drive, Make A Bridal Shower Card solving production problems, etc.;
3 proficient in chemical distillation, light gasification, hydrogenation, nitration, coal gasification, pressure swing adsorption, Tips for Wearing Pearls water vapor and other organic chemical processes, inorganic chemical processes, chemical machinery, chemical industry knowledge;
4 proficient in chemical production operations, equipment maintenance, utilities and other process control, good overall planning, coordination of the organization;
5 familiar with the cost of production control, production processes and process planning, familiar with the production quality control management, familiar with ISO9001 quality management system;Military Wedding
6 familiar with production scheduling, production scheduling, process manufacturing business is done;
7 sets of large-scale introduction of the project is responsible for excessive absorption of technology transfer and project construction;
8 with domestic and foreign design institutes, engineering companies are closely linked;
9 English proficiency;
10 years of team management experience, strong sense of responsibility, perception is high, good at logical analysis summary.

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this two years are gave me the MBA degree

two years student leader experience in Nanchang university give me the ability of organizing and cooporative with nike shoes over one year experience what work in Television leted me become more self-inovatively and improve my communicational skillschi flat iron
i have studied oversea for two years, this two years are gave me the MBA degree, it made me have enough knowledge and capability, but more important is let me have the confidence and spirit to face challenge cheap wedding gowns Over five years of electronics experience. Versed in digital electronics especially on MCU&ARM&DSP hardware/software development. Special expertise in infrare&wireless application. Proficient in assembly and C programming languages. Good communication skills.
Career Objective:nike shoes
Project manager,chi hair straightener
MCU/ARM/DSP developping engineer,

A good IT manager, quite popular on team work

Senior Product Manager of a fortune 500 company. More than 10Y MNC working experience, 2 of which oversea. Solid knowledge of PM and MKT esp. in consumer durables and electronics. Excellent analysis/learning capability, interpersonal and team management skill. Excellent English, good German.casual wedding dresses
Career Objective:
Looking for professional/world leadingbeach wedding dresses company in MKTcheap evening dresses PM or consulting field
Over 20 years IT work experience which include more than 3 years of IT management on SAP wedding dresses
Hands on work on SAP systems conversion, system implementation, project management and production support.
18 years of IT work experience in U.S.
3 years of IT management experience in Shanghai, China.
Very fluent in both written and oral prom dresses
A good IT manager,quite popular on team work. dreams will keep me young
never grow old

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cannes audience gives 'Robin Hood' an indifferent welcome

The arrow didn't hit the bull's-eye, but it didn't strike a fatal blow to the chest, either.
Robin Hood opened the Cannes Film Festival Wednesday to be greeted with shrugs, although there was none of the jeering and overt hostility that slapped around the likes of The Da Vinci Code and Marie Antoinette when they played the world's biggest movie gathering several years ago.
REVIEW: 'Robin Hood' misses the mark
As the sun set on the Mediterranean, shimmering with the sparkling lights of a flotilla of yachts, stars Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett delivered star power to the red carpet leading to Cannes' movie-house temple — the Grand Théâtre Lumière. Thousands of fans crowded the street, peering over their heads and raising cameras into the air for a glimpse of the beautiful and famous.
When the movie ended, it was raining, a dreary counterpart to the overall mood. Moviegoers in tuxedos and gowns marched Majestic Beach, where giant, sleeping digging machines and barrel-sized bags of sand stacked along the dock were testament to the freak storm that decimated these French Riviera beaches last week.
Medieval-style jugglers and carnival flame-handlers entertained the crowd huddled under the dripping eaves of wind-ruffled tents. Those who stepped too close to the dockside entertainment found themselves occasionally splashed with seawater. Crowe and wife Danielle Spencer slipped inside, taking refuge in a dark alcove.
Robin Hood opens stateside today, with hopes that the high-profile Cannes showcase will give the Crusades-era battle epic a jolt of adrenaline.
"There were no boos from the balcony, but no applause. I didn't hear any," says Sasha Stone, Oscar blogger for "I don't think there was hatred or love. Just sort of ... eh. Indifference. That would be my take. Muted is a very good word."
She notes that the film doesn't tell the Robin Hood lore, the story of a noble outlaw who robs from the rich to give to the poor, instead being more of a prequel. Crowe plays a soldier from the Crusades who returns to an impoverished England to fight King John's oppressive regime. Only at the end is Robin living in Sherwood Forest, a fugitive with his merry men, bedeviling the Sheriff of Nottingham.
A couple of stabs at subtext
The movie premiere also was hurt by the absence of director Ridley Scott, waylaid because of knee-replacement surgery, the after-effect of an injury on the set of 1997's G.I. Jane. He sent a statement reading in part: "My recovery has been slower than I'd hoped. Truly, doctors' orders are the only thing that could keep me from being there."
In a town where filmmakers are worshiped, his absence was deeply felt, particularly since the film takes such a unique approach to the familiar tale and could have benefited from publicity surrounding his own philosophy about the film.
Crowe gave it his best shot during a playful, if sometimes tense, news conference at the Palais des Festivals headquarters, though he declined to discuss whether Robin Hood's anti-tax rabble-rousers had any political resonance, turning down a few early questions.
In England, where Prime Minister Gordon Brown was forced out just this week, the movie could ride the mad-as-hell, not-going-to-take-it-anymore hunger for regime change, one British reporter suggested.
Crowe took a pass, but Blanchett, co-starring as a fighting Lady Marion, agreed the movie had some political resonance.
"I think it's true, and it's sort of an irony that this is all going on when the film is being released today. I think it's a testament to Ridley's talents as a director that all those things are there for the taking, but it's also a wild ride and, of course, the thing I'm interested in — the love story. He's able to tonally weave all those elements into the film."
In the USA, some critics suggested it could resonate with the anti-government Tea Party movement, though they might prefer to overlook the movie's repeatedly stated point about how it was costly and unnecessary war-making that bankrupted the kingdom.
"I think it's a dog-whistle movie, in that people will tune in on different frequencies and get what they want to get out of it," says Ann Hornaday, film critic for The Washington Post. "On one hand, you can see how it appeals to (the Tea Party supporters') populist sense of grievance, especially about taxes. But then on the other hand, it's really about equality of opportunity, and fairness and justice, which appeals to everybody."
This Robin Hood is also a veteran who comes back facing not much of a future, and begins fighting against powerful and moneyed interests. "He's the repository of a lot of ideals that people have projected on Obama," Hornaday says. "I think it's an open text that way."
... and another at the press
Crowe dismissed questions about the political subtext — which is never a good ticket-seller anyway — but did use the questioning to zing his favorite targets: the press.
"People have been asking me a lot ... would Robin Hood's aim be political" if he were alive today, the actor said. "Would he aim at certain (elected) figures and try to bring them down? Would his aim be economic? Would he be looking at Wall Street and the huge sums of money people are patting themselves on the back with, and all that? Or would he be looking at what you guys do for a living, and realizing that the true wealth lies in the dissemination of information?" Crowe said.
"My theory would be: If Robin Hood was alive today, he would be looking at the monopolization of the media as the greatest enemy."
He said the film isn't "standing under a banner of historical accuracy." The film does use some historical elements as a starting point, such as the signing of the Magna Carta, which ninth-grade history buffs will recall as the 1215 document that restrained the king's power and granted certain rights to free men.
It was signed by one of the villains of the film — King John.
"What piqued my own curiosity is this indolent egotist, King John," Crowe says. "He ends up signing the first version of the Magna Carta before the end of his reign. How did that shift happen? What pressure was applied to King John in that period that brought him from an indolent egotist to the man who champions the rights of other people? That, to me, is the fertile ground where a resistance fighter, a rebel hero could rise. That's what we wanted to do with this movie — find a place where that rebel hero could rise and apply pressure to a monarch."
Blanchett added: "Through the love of a good woman."
Crowe cracked a rare smile.
Producer Brian Grazer was mostly quiet through the questioning, but spoke up at the end. Though this one wasn't great, he has had worse receptions.
"I've been to the Cannes Film Festival many different times with different kinds of movies. I've been here for controversial moments, like The Da Vinci Code, which did very well," he said, referring to the strong box office despite the critical lambasting the movie got at the festival. "I came also with Changeling and Clint Eastwood and Angelina Jolie, and the festival loved Clint."
The risks are high, but so are the rewards, Grazer said.
"It's very important, actually. You have an opportunity to capture the whole world's attention," he said. "We were thrilled to be selected."sentiment
coconut is nice
cute cat

Flash Isn't Critical To Adobe Success

Flash is important to Adobe Systems Inc. (ADBE) but isn't critical to the company's survival, Adobe Co-Chairman and Co-Founder Chuck Geschke said.
The technology, which Adobe got when it acquired Macromedia Inc. for $3.4 billion in 2005, has been at the heart of a rancorous and public spat between Adobe and Apple Inc. (AAPL) that now includes three founders of the two companies.
Apple Co-Founder and Chief Executive Steve Jobs recently said Adobe's Flash video player isn't suitable for mobile devices, as the company banned Flash from Apple products such as the iPhone and the new iPad. Adobe has responded that Apple is promoting a closed system that threatens creativity.
Today, Adobe launched a new ad campaign with full-page ads for Flash in several major newspapers. At the same time, it created a section on its website devoted to Flash and openness on the Internet. An essay on the site from Geschke and co-founder John Warnock said that "if companies put content and applications behind walls their success will come at the expense of the very creativity and innovation that has made the Internet a revolutionary force."
Adobe doesn't break out how much company revenue comes from Flash, but most of its Flash revenue is from developers who buy tools for developing Flash content, Geschke said in an interview with Dow Jones. Tools for creating Flash content are sold on their own, or as part of the Creative Suite software known as CS5. The suite includes products such as Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.
Responding to criticism of Flash's tendency to crash, Geschke said that the next version of Flash will be out "soon" and will be "dramatically faster and more stable."
Estimates indicate that somewhere between 66% and 75% of Web-based video is viewed via the Flash Player, including videos encoded in codes such as H.264 and VP6.
The irony of the squabble between the two companies, whose fortunes were very much aligned in the 1980s, isn't lost on Geschke.Jobs originally tried to buy Adobe in the early 1980s, Geschke said, but Adobe eventually settled on a deal by which Apple bought 19% of the company and built its Postscript technology into Apple's first printer, the LaserWriter. That printer, said Geschke, "was critical to the early success of their company."
Then, Adobe, Apple and Aldus--the company that created the PageMaker page layout application--partnered together in 1985 to promote the idea of desktop publishing. That notion made fortunes for all of the company's founders at a time when Geschke said "Apple wasn't doing that well" in the midst of strong competition from IBM.
"Desktop publishing turned their business around," he said. "It made a tremendous change in Apple's fortunes in the mid-80s. The relationship has been important for both companies."
But the relationship began to show signs of strain after Jobs was forced out of Apple and the new management in 1989 said it would replace Postscript in its printers with TrueType, a competing technology that Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) later integrated into Windows.
Adobe stock closed down 1.1% at $34.41. A troupe of little vagrants of the world
footprints in my words
puts off its mask of vastness
one song
kiss of the eternal